Exporting history notes from Outlook 2003

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We are trying to export business contacts and history notes from Outlook 2003. The export manager is very basic and won't allow us to select filters to export. This means that all contact information can be exported but not vital history notes. Can anyone suggest a solution. Our IT guy says upgrades are no longer available for this version of Outlook. Thanks.

Ezil Vinoth

You may try to export data from BCM 2003 including History using the following steps:

1. Open Outlook

2. Click on File> Import and Export> BCM

3. Select Export file and click next

4. Select BCM (.bcm) and click next

5. Select Export everything click next

6. You should find an option with history or without history

7. Select the required option and set the location to export.

For additional help, visit the following link:


Office 2003 installation can be upgraded to Office 2010; however Office 2010 is not available for purchase as an upgrade.
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