Unable to print email in outlook 2007

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Ideas:Unable to print email in Outlook 2007 prints in all other

parts of Office 2007. Excel,Word,etc.

Programs you are having problems with Error messages Recent changes you made to your computer What you have already tried to fix the problem


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Guruprasad Ra

Do you get any errors when failed to print in Outlook?

Are you able to print in other office applications and in windows notepad?

Do you have Service pack2 installed for Office 2007?

Try working in Outlook safe and check if this helps

Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run copy and paste the following command line in the open box and Press Enter.

Outlook /safe

If issue persists, change the default printer toXPS Document Writer and check if this helps. To know how to change the default printer in Windows XP, refer to the link below:


If the issue is fixed using the default printer as XPS Document Writer then try to install the latest printer driver for the problem printer. To install the latest printer driver, you may contact the printer manufacturer for help
Not open for further replies.