retrieve stationary that was set up in my outlook 2003 mail

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Chris 2010

I had my stationary that I set up for my mail outlook 2003 disappear after an error message regarding word popped up. I got the stationary off the web after searching for quite some time.

Chris 2010

I got online a had chatted with a tech that had no way of helping me retrieve this. I have some sent mail with the stationary and just need some help on how to get this back into the system. I use this for my clients and I can't switch it and just need to get the exact one back into the system

Chris 2010

I also sent in for some tech support through the and never got a response. This was a week ago

Niranjan I K

Check whether Word is set as your default email editor ?

If no, try to change it to word and check if it resolves the issue. To do so open outlook > "Tools" > "Options" > "Mail Format" > Check the check box "Use Microsoft Office Word to edit email messages".

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