Emails don't download

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I have two email accounts that download to outlook 2007. A month ago they worked fine. The gmail still works fine. the comcast won't download emails. I checked all settings for the account information. They are correct. I called Comcast and went thru the settings again with them. the settings are correct. the Comcast rep tells me that Windows upgrades screw up outlook and i need to contact MS???? which of guess I can't do w/o paying.

Kathleen Orland [MVP]

What happens when you try to download emails from Comcast? Are there any error messages? When you view the send/receive progress window and click on the errors tab is anything listed there?

Try opening Outlook in safe mode to see if email downloads then:

Start > Run > outlook.exe /safe (note the space between outlook.exe and /safe)

It could be a third party application that integrates with Outlook is causing the problem, like antivirus.

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