Moving Outlook to new computer?

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I just replaced my old desktop with a laptop. The laptop runs windows 7 and Outlook 2010. Outlook 2010 works great and I have no problem retrieving and sending mail.

My question is this. On my old PC if I accessed my e-mail (ISP is cable internet) Outlook downloaded all the mail. if I then went to work and checked my e-mail account through my providers online service all the mail that I accessed at home with Outlook would not show up.

With my laptop and Outlook 2010 I accessed my mail all weekend and even deleted some. When I checked my mail online through the internet on Monday all the mail I had read and deleted still showed up online.

My old Outlook removed mail from my providers server. Outlook does not. Is there a setting in Outlook 2010 that I am missing?
I am thinking it is an issue with Outlook as that is what I changed. I did not change my ISP.

Thanks in advenace.
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