How do I archive/backup my corporate emails on a daily basis?

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I have Outlook 2007 at work. It is setup so that emails are deleted after 1 month from receipt/sending date.

Is there a way I can store them permanently on my computer on a daily basis, so that I can search through them for reference later on?

I have tried to export them to a .pst file, but I don't see the older emails in my personal folders anymore(I just see an exact copy of my inbox+sent items). Did I overwrite the file? I mean, I do an export manually every day, since I want all the emails to stay! And yet I have lost my previous emails. Also, how can this be automated?

Please help. I have always used web based email, and not very familiar with email clients.

I could ask tech support, but I don't wanna sound stupid at my new work place..


Hal Hostetler - Print-Imaging [MVP]

No need to export, merely drag and drop them into the new .PST file. Exporting or Importing with a .PST is not recommended as it loses data and often leads to Outlook profile corruption. Note that, unless your email account is on an Exchange Server, you probably already have a default .PST file and may be confusing it with the one you created (assuming you created a new one for archive storage). For automation, you have AutoArchive available as an Outlook feature.Hal
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