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Autocomplete of Words in ms outlook 2007(Monday, Tueday, Wednesday, etc and january february) not appearing.

In ms word 2007 it works

Sue Mosher - Outlook MVP

Did you install Outlook and Word from the same Office suite?

Guruprasad Ra

As suggested by sue, to use this feature in Outlook you need have complete Office suite not standalone version of Outlook.

For more information check this Microsoft Article

In Outlook 2007, AutoText has been merged into a new feature called Quick Parts. Microsoft Outlook 2007 Quick Parts lets you create fragments of text and save them in a gallery for repeated use in email and documents.

Quick Parts is actually a subsidiary of the Building Blocks function of Microsoft Office, which is a general framework for creating and organizing snippets of text or data for reuse in multiple contexts.

To create a Quick Part for Outlook 2007:

Type the text you're going to reuse and highlight it.

In the Insert tab, select Quick Parts -> Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.

Choose a name for the Quick Part and an optional description -- but don't change the Gallery description.

Click OK.


Thanks for your reply,

Quick part is and alternate option.

the requirement is for my CMD ,where the autocorrect works in others laptop.

The calender words like Monday ,Tuesday etc and January to December it shows the suggestions in word and outlook.

If we type mond it suggestes Monday

If we type janu it suggestes January.

Kindly suggest show to solve the issue..
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