transfer outlook 2010 account settings

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How could I transfer my outlook 2010 email accounts from a laptop with Windows XP to another laptop with Windows 7? In fact, I have more than 14 of them and it is not practical to set them up each time I change my PC.

Note: This is not concerning the data files (.pst) as it is very easy to do so.

Thanks for your quick response.

many thanks

Brian Tillman

Windows Easy Transfer is a good way to damage your mail profile and should never be used to move Outlook data from one PC to another.

There is no good way to transfer mail accounts between Outlook instances.


Peter Belko [MVP]

I used it successfully on Outlook account settings from XP to Vista, from Vista 32bit to Vista 64bit and Vista 64bit to W7 64bit. But *.pst file must copy manually. ;-)

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