Outlook 2007 instant search yielding no result even after extensive troubleshooting. please help!

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I am using a Dell Studio 17 with Windows 7 and Office 2007 and have downloaded the service pack 2.

In Outlook 2007, when I use instant search I always get "No matches found". I have tried may things to resolve this without success including:
-restarting Outlook
-restarting my computer
-checking for updates (everytime I search for updates I am redirected to my 'Windows Update' from my start menu and it says 'Windows is up to date')
-I have verified that instant search is enabled by going in Outlook to Tools > Instant Search > Search Options and under 'Index messages in these data files' the box next to my Personal folders is checked (this is the only folder)
-I have verified indexing is complete by going to Tools > Instant search > Indexing Status and there are zero items remaining.
-I have rebuilt the index by going to my Control panel and clicking rebuild


these are the add-ins i have:

Active Addins
iTunes Outlook Addin
Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin

Inactive Addins
Calendar Gadget for Windows SideShow
Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Colleague Import Add-in
Microsoft Change Notifier
Windows Search Email Indexer

Disabled Addins

-I've heard that the itunes and change notifier addins can cause problems, but I have them so that I can sync my calenders, notes, and contacts to my iTouch (which I am not able to do)
-I've tried making the windows search email indexer active and inactive without any succes

Sachin Shetty

Try the steps below

1. Click on start>all programs>accessories>run>type “services.msc”(without quotes)

2. Then look for Windows Search>right click on it and click on stop

3. Close the services window

4. Click on start > all programs>accessories>run>type “regedit”(without quotes)

5. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Search

6. At the right hand side locate Setup Completed Succesfully

7. Double click on that and under value data if it is “1” make it “0”

8. Click ok and close the registry editor window.

9. Click on start>all programs>accessories>run>type “services.msc”(without quotes)

10. Then look for Windows Search>right click on it and click on start and close the window once done.

See if instant search works in Outlook.
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