Outlook 2007 Pro, Address Book missing all entries after moving outlook.pst files

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I had Office 2000, Just upgraded OS to Windows 7 and Office

Pro 2007. I copied the .pst file and imported into the 'Inbox'.

all emails and folder are there, just NO Address Book entries moved over. What happen? Or did I do something wrong?

convertsion of old pst to Unicode pst as per

www.slipstick.com/outlook/ansi-to-unicode.asp see method too manual ..

please help..Wifes email box and she is P*****


guruprasad Ra

Thank for the response. Contacts folder is blank also notthing in To; CC or BCC buttons.

all mail currently resides in the personnal folders / Inbox. She has about 20 folders under inbox

and is 634635 KB, So quite large for me and I don't want to screw this up..

should I move all the personnal foler/ inbox to " new mail" I create then connect to the old

outlook pst One more time? Or just delete the " new mail" and recreate then Import the old pst directly into the

personnal folders inbox again.. Please provide advice.. Thank You.

Guruprasad Ra

If the contact folder is showing empty, then you might be using the incorrect .PST file.

When you upgrade to Windows 7, Windows creates a Windows.old folder that contains the files from your previous system. You may want to recover your files from the Windows.old folder, and move them to its appropriate folder location.

Search for *.pst files in this Windows.old folder which is found under C Drive.

To locate the Windows.old folder in Windows 7, clickStartand type drive: \Windows.old (for example, c:\windows.old) in theStart Searchbox, and then click Windows.oldin thePrograms list.

Navigate toc:\windows.old\users\username\local\microsoft\outlook

You will find all the PST files here. Open or import the PST file in outlook.

To know how to import contacts, and other information from a PST file click on the Microsoft link below.

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