Inserting an unsubsribe link a Mail merge (Microsoft word 2003)

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I am using the the Word mail merge to email offers to customers. I want to have an automated unsubsribe link at the bottom of the email. When the customer clicks on this they will have an automatic reply email mentioning that they are now unsubscribed from our list. How do i do this? is it possible?

Our email lists are genereted through other software and exported as a excell to mail merge. Will future emails though mail merge recognise those that have already unsubscribed even though they still remain on the original export list?

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The last question first: you need to update the list of subscribers in the other software or Excel or wherever the address list is stored.

Adding the link (i assume you want it to include their address or a code unique to each subscriber) may be possible using VBA or a utility. See for links.

FWIW, if the membership list is very large, its better to use a real bulk mail or listserve application so subscribe and unsubscribe is automated.
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