Installed Outlook 2010, connects and synchronizes with GMAIL but cannot see received email.

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Just completed a fresh installation of Office 2010 including outlook and have set it up to access GMAIL and can validate this through both IMAP and POP access.

The problem is that I can see it synchronizing and completing the synchronization but none of the email is visible.

I have checked all of the folders that I can see and cannot find a file with the contents.

Any suggestions??

Bill the Outlook Guy


Did you actually synchronize with POP3 when you were setting this up? If so, all your Gmail messages could now be mixed in with other stuff in the Outlook Inbox (or Junk Mail folder), and removed from your Gmail Inbox.

Also, it could be that you have the connection set up so that Outlook only downloads new messages, which could look like what you describe. If this is the case, messages sent to your Gmail account after you set up the synch should find their way into Outlook.

To see how I've got my Gmail Outlook 2010 connection set up and working properly, you can go to:

I hope this helps!

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