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I had to reinstall my office 2003 after a crash. Now when I open Outlook I no longer have my contacts listed in the personal folders on the left side of the display. There is a folder someplace because I somehow managed to get the folder to display and it showed all my contacts. After I closed Outlook and then reopened it later the contacts folder was gone. When I was in the contacts it also showed me my sub folders.

I have tried the help but nothing I can find tells me how to display my contacts and I can't remember how I got them in the personal folders that one time

The icon use to be the small head/body next to the buisness card.


Brian Tillman

You're probably viewing your Navigation Pane in the Mail view. That view shows only mail folders and Contacts is not a mail folder. Choose the Contacts view (Ctrl+3) or the Folder List view (Ctrl+6) and you should see the folder again.

Niranjan I K

Click "Start" > type "outlook /resetfolders" (without Quotes) in the "Search programs and files" box and hit the "Enter" Key. Now check if you are able to get the Contacts folder.


- Restores missing folders for the default delivery location.

Note: close outlook before running this command.

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