Sync outlook 2003 with yahoo

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I can not sync my outlook 2003 with my yahoo email account on my home computer. Please help.


So what happens when you try? Remember - no one here can SEE your computer. Statements like you made are completely useless in solving your problem without a LOT more detail.If you find my response helpful, please click on the " Vote as Helpful" button!Thank you!


Ruchi Bisht

Is the yahoo account a premium or free account?

Free yahoo account does not work with Outlook.

If it is a paid account ensure that account settings are correct. Check the link below for setting up yahoo account in Outlook:

Also make sure that the port settings are as below.

Incoming port->995

Check the box "This server requires encrypted connection (SSL)".

Outgoing port ->465

Enable the SSL setting.

Ruchi Bisht
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