Having trouble setting up different email accounts in Outlook 2010.

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Steven Way

I have recently purchased MicrosoftOffice 2010 and am trying to get everything set up. I four different email accounts I want to run through Outlook but can only get two of them to work. I was able to get one Bellsouth account and one Gmail account to work. I cannot get a yahoo account to work or one form one of the companies I own that runs through another website. This particular account is email set up by my company through our phone company, Cebeyond. When I log into the Cbeyond website and into m email it uses Microsoft Office Outlook Webaccess email. How can I get my Yahoo and this Cbeyond email all to go to my Outlook? I have tried the auto set up and get errors saying it could not log into my email account and I also tried the manual setup but I don't know ow to answer all those questions.

Ezil Vinoth

Did the yahoo and the accompany account ever work in Outlook previously?

Do you use a free or a paid Yahoo email account?

What is the account type for the company email?

Bill the Outlook Guy


I'm not familiar with Cbeyond, but I have gathered together instructions for connecting Outlook 2010 to several popular email accounts, including Yahoo. The information is at thisOutlook 2010 email accounts page. I hope it helps.

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