No longer receiving messages from Exchange account

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I have an exchange account that has worked previously with my Outlook 2007. However now I no longer receive messages into Outlook 2007. I've checked the account and Outlook says that it is working correctly and that I'm connected to my exchange server. I also get a message that all folders are up to date and when I look at my send/receive details I am sending and receiving to my exchange account. However when I access the exchange account (via Outlook Web Access) I have new messages in my inbox that have not been received by Outlook 2007. I checked to make sure I wasn't working in Offline mode and I'm not. Not sure what is wrong.

Brian Tillman

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If you disable Cacahed Exchange mode, does that allow the messages to appear in Outlook? If so, delete the OST, reenable Cached Exchange mode, and allow Outlook to rebuild the OST.
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