i can not open mail or recieve from other programs

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Ideas:When my mew computer was built two months ago maybe four, I had a problem on the old computer with Microsoft office outlook,( my computer "tech. who built the new computer for $600.00 and then some other items to go along with.) He downloaded a disk as a back-up file and programmed the old version of my computers files. Not knowing that the office outlook was corrupt or damaged. Tho, he also uploaded (?) my disk from the Microsoft Office Professional 2007, This suite contains the following Micro'Office programs( Academic use only ). Word 2007 Excel '07,PowerPoint '07,Outlook'07 with Business Contact Manager07,Publisher'07,Accounting Express 2008 Access...2007 E-nuff said, but for some reason I cannot gain access to Outlook nor Express and really need to get these resolved asap I have another stressful semester starting on the 22nd of August and I really need these programs to respond, Exchange Messenger will transfer information and apparently it is attached to the Outlook program. I can not send e-mail due to the 'Outlook' and ' Exchange' at one time there was a add-on needed, then error because the corrupt or damaged files were transferred (unknowingly) to my new computer that has Microsoft 7, as the EVENT OF THE YEAR! now prompts me to go forward downloading new 08 2010 ?add ons etc..?? I am going mad just trying to figure out this new Microsoft 7 & my older programs that I loved having, are tossed to the side I feel lost can someone please help me in the easiest wording that I can follow as I feel DUMB! and my "friend who builds computers leaves town then when he does work on my computer he charges me for things that I haven't asked for nor do I need, he does not use the program's I have and even feels that Adobe Reader is a program to toss!!! But the real problem is with the messenger and outlook. Thank you very much, JULIE''

Programs you are having problems with Error messages Recent changes you made to your computer What you have already tried to fix the problem

Ezil Vinoth

Have you install Office 2007 in new computer? If yes, what happens when you open Outlook?

Do you get any error message or error number? Post the exact error message.

Are you able to open other Office applications?

Follow the article and create new profile for Outlook and check.


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