Outlook 2010 missing/losing text in transmission of HTML emails?

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Running Windows XP SP3, Office 2010 Suite, Sophos Antivirus.

Have upgraded from Office 2007 to 2010, and have found that my HTML emails are not being received in full. Some HTML code pops up and are inserted with no discernible pattern, and in some cases entire blocks of text go missing. Happens when sending mail to other staff running Outlook 2007. Does not happen every time, but happens frequently regardless of email length.

Have resorted to sending email in plain text only until source and solution is found. Suggestions?

Brian Tillman

Is this for incoming or outgoing messages?


Brian Tillman

Do the messages look OK in the Sent Items folder or are they messed up there as well? If the former, then you may have a transmission issue, something that can be caused by having your antivirus scan your mail (but it's not limited to that). If the latter, then we'll have to look at Outlook more.



All mail in the Sent Items folder is complete and unmangled. The problem seems to be all in the transmission, then.

I've done two tests with the antivirus both enabled and disabled, but since the problem isn't consistent (not every HTML email has the problem, nor does it happen at the same spot in the email). Are there other environment items that may interfere with the transmission?

Brian Tillman

It may not be enough to simply disable the AV program. Try completely uninstalling it, then reinstalling it without the mail scanning feature.

Try starting Outlook in safe mode (hold Ctrl when starting) and see if that makes a difference. I suspect there's something external to Outlook, however, causing the problem. Are you using Exchange or some other type of account? What type?



Since the issue is intermittent, I can't readily recreate it to test it, only wait until colleagues reply and say my message was short/unreadable or I get a glimpse of it in the included text.

I know the mail is not through an Exchange server, but just what I do not know. It's POP3, not IMAP, if that helps any.

I have now completely uninstalled the AV temporarily to see if that was part of the problem.


Even with Outlook in safe mode AND AV completely uninstalled, html messages are still getting mangled. Next suggestion?

Brian Tillman

Since you're using POP/SMTP and since the messages look OK in the Sent Items folder, the next thing I'd do is work with my mail service provider to see if they can log the reception of your mail to see if it looks OK when they receive it on the server. I'd also work with my recipients to see if the messages look OK in their mailboxes when they're received but before they download them to their PCs. For all you know, your recipients are munging the messages.



We are having exactly the same problem, but out configuration is much different:

OS: Windows 7

Antivirus: McAfee

Mail Provider: Microsoft Online

Mail Client: Outlook 2010

Further info: We have an LDAP directory which directs incoming email to two separate locations: Microsoft Online and a Sun One IMAP server. The mail in the Sent Items folder looks fine. The message received on the IMAP server looks fine. The message received Microsoft Online exhibits the problems described above. Since the messages are being read using different profiles on the same Outlook 2010 client, I don't think it is a client issue. In addition, we see the same if we use the OWA to get to Microsoft Online messages.

As mentioned, the really frustrating thing about this issue is that it is not consistent. We cannot reproduce it and just have to wait for it to happen.


I am having same proble on multiple PC's at office. I upgraded from Office 2003 Pro to Office 2010 Std. We use Pop3/SMTP and Norton Corp. Antivirus.

We use mostly XP SP3 but also had issue on Win7 Pro.

Send a message, some of the text randomly disappears. Not everytime. No clue as to which parts. The file in sent items is perfect.

Some PC's I upgraded without removing 2003. Some I removed 2003 then upgrade.



We're also having this issue on multiple computers on Exchange and IMAP. Haven't noticed it when using OWA and Thunderbird.
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