Outlook slow normally but works fine in Outlook Safe Mode.

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Outlook takes close to 15-20 seconds to open mails which have images or etickets. Otherwise mails are opening fine.

But when we launch outlook in safe mode (Outlook /Safe) everything works fine. Does any one have any ideas.

Did check the add ins all are default thus not extra add-ins available.

Please Help.

Black Barron

An Application starts in the safe mode only if it has to fix an error with the application / associated file. In you case, as vinay has told, it may be a corrupt addin or an extention that is corrupted. Disable one addin at a time to get to the problematic addin(refer links given by vinay).

To know more abut the safe mode behaviour, click here

Infact i found i found a Microsoft Article for the outlook safe mode, have look at it.


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thanks guys. Issue got resolved.i disabled the antivirus association with outlook.
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