Losing mail on AOL from Outlook

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Vinnie Tee

Started using Outlook 2007 for mail, first I lost the mail on my I-phone, Apple Care helped me set the KEEP ON SERVER tab. Few days later, I have no mail on AOL through IE.


Hi Vinnie,

When you added your account in Outlook, you did not enable the option to leave a copy of the downloaded messages on the server.

Follow these steps to enable the option:

In outlook, go to tools -> account settings -> change your account -> more settings -> advanced tab -> check the box to leave a copy on server.

once this is enabled, you will be able to see emails downloaded to Outlook(from that point onwards) in the AOL mailbox too.

Brian Tillman

AOL mail access with Outlook is by IMAP account, so there is no "leave a copy" setting. Only for POP accounts does one exist.

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