outlook 2003 mail send and receive issue

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Dear all,

This is inform you that I am using outlook 2003 it was working fine before but form last couple of day i am not able 2 send n receive mail. NO AV installed right now in my Laptop pls suggest ................. thx in advance


Natasha Dsouza

Do you get any error message while you try to send and receive? Did you make any changes to the system after which the issue occurred?

Please provide more information on this issue so that we can assist you better.

You can refer the article below for more troubleshooting steps on send/recieve issues in Outlook.



Thx Natasha for giving reply for the out look issue. Please find my comments below.

Do you get any error message while you try to send and receive?

I am inly receiving mails not able to send mail when I am trying to send its giving me" sending reported error 0x8004210B the operation time out wating for a response from the SMTP server. If you continue to receive this message contact your server administrator
Did you make any changes to the system after which the issue occurred?

Yes I uninstalled AV Avast but issue not resolved


Natasha Dsouza

Restart the machine in clean boot and check if the same issue occurs. To start windows in clean boot refer the link below:


Note: After you have finished troubleshooting in clean boot, ensure you restart the computer in normal mode.
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