How do I get Outlook 2010 to connect to Yahoo e-mail accounts and stay connected to hotmail accounts

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Just installed Office 2010 Home and Business and everything is fine except Outlook. My primary e-mail address is a hotmail account (Windows Live ID) and I have several accounts with hotmail, google, and yahoo that I want to link. I have no problem adding the gmail account. I know the process for adding accounts of all styles, it just won't connect to hotmail and yahoo (even after downloading the hotmail connection whatever pack). However, the send/receive process can never finish all tasks and I receive constant errors about not being able to authenticate the Windows Live ID, not able to connect, could not synchronize accounts, etc. I do everything it promts and still things just appear to be stuck in the attempted synchronization mode. Yahoo accounts just are not connecting period. When things are stuck in this mode, it causes my computer to slow to a crawl.

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No yahoo plus account. However, I have hotmail accounts that are still having the same problems - constant errors, stuck in synchronization, etc.

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How many hotmal accounts are in your profile? Try a new profile with just a hotmail account - does it work ok? (This will rule out issues with the connector.)

Also, you can use POP3 with hotmail - the server names and port numbers are listed at


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Currently, I have deleted all the accounts from Outlook except a gmail one. However, before deleting my initial primary e-mail address (a hotmail one), it had me create a backup folder for the data. I have 5-7 hotmail accounts that I would like to include.

Even with just the gmail account, Outlook will now only open once and then not again until I restart the computer. When shutting the computer down, I'm eventually prompted to " End Program" for Outlook because it is not responding. Upon restarting, a message comes up saying that " Outlook was not properly closed....would you like to restart in safe mode" . I've tried that too, but it didn't seem to change anything of meaning.

As far as trying a new profile, what kind are you referring to: adding a different hotmail only address to Outlook, or starting Outlook from scratch by deleting all e-mail accounts? I've tried both. The later only makes me create a backup file of the data. Is there a way to basically start the Outlook setup from scratch without having to unistall all of Office 2010?

Thanks for all the help.

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