Outlook crashes when I open, reply or forward e-mails.

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Aimee S

When I double click to open a message, single click and select reply, reply all or forward, the program says it has encountered a problem and shuts down. Very frustrating as this is expensive software to be so buggy and I've seen comments on the IT forum that some had problems with this in beta. This needs to be fixed.

Roady [MVP]

Can you repro this issue in Outlook Safe Mode?

Start-> Run; outlook.exe /safe

(note the space in the command)

If it works now, your issue is most likely caused by an add-in.

Which add-ins do you have installed?

Disable them all and see if the issue still occurs. If not, you can enable them one-by-one to find the culprit. For details see;


Robert Sparnaaij



Hi, I encountered the same problem, but Outlook only shuts down after I have written a few words in the body of the reply or the email accompanying the forwarded email. I have tried the safe mode (how can one tell that Outlook is running in safe mode?) and deactivated all Add-Ins, incl. Microsoft add-ins. However, the problem still manifests itself. As this is very irritating, I would greatly appreciate assistance. Thanks!
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