Error message 0x80042108 (can't send large files)

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ute in munich

I have no problems receiving emails, or sending small emails. If I attach a large file, however (say 3MB or above), I get the above error message, telling me the operation timed out waiting for a a response from the SMTP server.

Given I have to send a lot of large files, this is a major problem for me.

Roady [MVP]

Do you have a virus scanner installed which integrates itself with Outlook? Uninstall this integration part of your virus scanner and try again; you'd still be sufficiently protected by your on-access scanner part of the virus scanner. For more details see;

If you still have the issue then, try increasing the server time-out in;

Tools-> Account Settings...-> double click your account-> button More Settings...-> tab Advanced...

Robert Sparnaaij

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