Problems with sending and receiving emails

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Owen Fallon

I have window 7 with outlook 2007. I have screwed up setting up Outlook 7 by inadvertently transferring Outlook 2000 setting into it, completely my own fault. I cannot send or receive and emails using POP3. MyISP provider “Orange” does not support Outlook 7 so is very unhelpful when I call them, so I am on my own trying to resolve this issue. I get a combination of; Error code 550 5.7.1 and “Enter Network Password” windows error panes. I have tried creating a new mail profile several times and again failure. I have also deleted the passwords in Protected Storage System Provider registry (as per article 290684). All these I have tried without any success. Still cannot send or receive.

What I want to do now is reinstall Outlook 2007 a fresh, as there is no way out of my problems. Several questions I need the answers to: Do I have to completely uninstall existing Outlook 2007 first and will this act clean out 100% all old Outlook errors or the cause of my problems? Or will it leave behind files, folders which will go on to corrupt any new reinstall? What I am concerned about is how clean is a an uninstall? How do I reinstall Outlook 2007

Ezil Vinoth

Contact ISP “Orange” and check if they can provide the settings that you require such as the incoming and outgoing mails, port numbers etc.

For password prompt issue, first try to login to webmail and check if you are able to login with the same user name and password. If you are able to login in webmail then check the article for password prompt.

If you are not able to login to webmail, then contact Orange.
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