Random font enlargement on sent and received emails. How do you prevent this from happening?

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I also need to talk to you about a direct mail piece.

It is for our client Alliance Home Health Care. I don't have the final lists, but you quoted Tim a while back.

There will be two separate pieces going to two separate lists.

I hope to have the lists and pieces over to you tomorrow.

Can you provide a quote for printing based on the original quote you sent over to Tim, with my updated and final lists?

Let me know.


Niranjan I K

Open Outlook in its safe mode and verify the status.

Try the following steps:

Click on Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Press and hold the Ctrl key and click "Microsoft Office Outlook 2010". If everything works fine in outlook safe mode, then disable the add-in(s) and verify the status.

To disable Add-ins click 'File' > 'Options' > 'Add-Ins' > select 'COM Add-ins' under 'Manage:' and click 'Go' > now uncheck all the check boxes and click 'Ok'.

If the issue still exists, try to create a new profile and then open outlook, for more information on creating a new profile check the Microsoft link below:


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