some emails when deleted from the inbox start to reappear later upto 30 times per day. How do I prevent it?

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Niranjan I K

Create a new profile for Outlook and then check if it resolves your issue. Click here for information on creating Outlook profiles.


I'm not sure whether this is the same as the problem of Outlook 2010 repeatedly downloading messages which have been "left on the server" over and over again (discussed elsewhere in this forum), but in case it is, here's what I had to do to fix it.

This happened to me last night after I removed all Office 2007 components and then installed 64-bit Office 2010. I have multiple POP accounts and they are all set to leave messages on the server for 5 days, so that all my particpating PC's (at home, in my shop and at a second workplace) get copies of all messages so that I can always reply in a timely manner, wherever I am. Suddenly, after starting Outlook 2010, I noticed that 30-odd messages, and all their attachments were being re-inserted into my Inbox every time the scheduled send/receive occurred.

After increasingly desperate browsing of forums while my Inbox was rapidly blowing up, I finally noticed that my Hotmail connector was timing out on the send/receive. A light suddenly went on in my head as an ugly thought occurred to me. Could it be that Outlook 2010 doesn't flag messages as "downloaded" until the entire send/receive process is complete, so that if any component fails, messages which HAVE been downloaded don't get flagged??

Hard to believe, but it seem that this might be the case! I removed Hotmail from the send/receive all accounts group, and everything is now fine!

So my advice to debug this is to disable the "all accounts" group, and try repeatedly sending receiving just one account at a time. If you don't get the repeat messages, then add the accounts back in to the all accounts group one by one until the problem re-occurs, in which case you will need to find out why that account is failing. It may be as simple as an intermittent timeout due to too many messages in the remote mailbox.

Hope this helps. If I have misunderstood your problem, I apologise for wasting your time - but there are a lot of people getting increasingly cross about this on the other thread!

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