I have set up mail and the test showed send and recieve ok but when I send mail or recieve nothing is appearing in any of the folders e.g. Inbox, Out

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David Prout

I have a brand new laptop which came with office preinstalled. I imported my existing mail by copying the outolok.pst (Outlook 2003) file into the same folder that I found was being used by outlook 2010. I can see all my mail from the old computer in Outlook 2010. I have copied all the previous settings to set up the new version. I tested the setup and the system reported that Send and receive were working fine. I have used the new system to send emails elsewhere and these have been recieved OK but they are not visible in my sent folder. I have been sent emails which have appeared to work, no failures reported but there are no new messages visible in the inbox.


and i bet you forgot to copy the nk2 file ..

If i were you i would backup your pst again. and 'remove' your outlook data file under control panel >> mail >> show profiles. and start fresh. this time keep your pst in a different folder. enter in your details once you're in outlook, click >> file >> open >> outlook data file >> and navigate to your pst. Now you should have two inbox's. the one inbox will show your old mail and the other one (usually the top one) will result in your new mail.

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