Attached document from Sharepoint to an email in Outlook 2007

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How do I attach a document that I have saved on my team's Sharepoint to an email that I am sending in Outlook 2007?

Dorothy H.

There are a few ways. One thought though... if you are sending this document to others who have access to the site, you could just send a link. From the document library, locate the document and right-click on it and choose copy shortcut. In the body of the email, paste the link.

However, if the recipients do not have access to your sharepoint site, then you should attach the file itself and there are a few ways it can be done. One way is to right-click on the file name and copy shortcut like I mentioned above, then in Outlook, click Attach File and in the file name box, paste what you copied and click Insert or hit enter. (I find copy/paste quicker than typing out the address of the site).

Another way - We have Windows XP and use Network Places. We'll basically create a shortcut to that library. So when we go to attach a file, on the left of that Insert window, we'll click My Network Places and then choose the shortcut to the library we created and can choose the file from there. If you have Windows 7 though, I believe that functionality has moved to " Computer" . You only have to create the shortcut once though. It makes attaching files to email or even opening files directly from Word, Excel, etc. alot easier.

Hope this helps somewhat. I'm new to this community so this is my first reply to a question ;)

Dorothy H.

Thank you Diane. Although I use the SharePoint connection in Outlook, much of our office doesn't because they choose to store PST on a network drive and we've run into issues as a result. Therefore, I tend to forget about that feature :) Thanks again.
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