near constant sync errors receiving using Outlook Connector

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Dear MS Rep., First off, thank you for allowing me to experience MS Office before purchasing. I have purchased and used MS Office in the past. Office 2007 alwys works fine for me, including Outlook, although I have not used it for the past few months because I have been using the MS Office Pro Beta, and now Test version.

There is a quite irritating issue with Outlook. I have an msn account. I have had it since MSN began over ten years ago.

Starting with the beta version of MS Office/Outlook 2010, the Outlook connector has not worked to my expectations. After downloading the very latest MS Office Pro for testing and the very latest Outlook Connector, similar problems persist. That is, when opening Outlook, I get errors, connect error/sync error for both of my MSN mail accounts. My third mail, which is my company mail using microsoft mail server has absolutely " no" issues. It connects without any errors consistantly.

If this MSN/Hotmail OUtlook connector issue is known and is being corrected, than my purchasing the MS Office 2010 application will be all right; however, if there is no OUtlook connector application issue recognized by microsoft, then my purchasing the MS Office, with OUtlook 2010 would " not" be a wise move.

I need to add that I did a clean install of my machine, windows 7, all programs and, of course, the latest MS Office 2010 Professional (Trial) with the latest Outlook Connector.

Please inform me about this connection issue. Others are experiencing it because we've discussed it on the MS Outlook discussion group, under OUtlook connection issue. Over the past few months others and I have tried many solutions only to wind up with the same results.


Clarence E. Williamson

Ezil Vinoth

Have you installed Office 2010 32bit or Office 2010 64bit?

Post the exact error message.

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Hello Ezil:

Here is the response: [email address] (0x004102A): Error with Send/Recieve I put the brackets there. The particular email address is shown there. Sometimes both email accounts show this. So far today, just one account is showing this error. Often a sync folder appears under the email address on the left along with other folders I have set up. When so many errors accumulate in that folder I delete the ones inside the folder and the folder itself goes away on its own. Later it comes back on its own and sync error messages again accumulate there. I am not sure right now, but there might be other error codes that show up. Today the one I reported herein showed up.

I have tried many, many things beginning with deleting mail accounts to reinstalling the operating system and MS Office so to me, it must be related to the OUtlook connector and the MSN / Hotmail web-based mail application itself.

Await your reponse,


Subsequent post: Just remembered you wanted to know the os. It's Windows 7 64 bit and MS Office Professional 2010 64 bit.

Here is another error: Task [email address] reported error (0x80041059) : 'Could not authenticate against the Windows Live ID service. Please try again later'
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