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Exchange 2010 on win2k8 r2.

Branch office(A) using external mail hosting( so the mail domain is not same as hq. Inside the AD and Exchange 2010 in hq, got A's staff windows accounts and mailboxes. The mailboxes primary email is point to hq's domain( In order to send message to A's staff and they able to receive the message, I must add the external email address for them each. I did that, and also set the external email adress as a primary email. By this configuration, when HQ's staff send message to A's staff, A's staff able to receive message by their account. But i aware that A's staff receive none from HQ's staff and I found out that all messages sent by HQ's staff are inside the exchange mailboxes(reside in

I restarted all the exchange services but still same result. please help and advise. thank you.

Alexei Segundo

Why do Branch Office A staff have mailboxes in the Exchange org if their mail is hosted externally? To me, it sounds like you will need to create contact objects representing the Branch Office A users and assign their external address as the targetAddress. If you do this you will also need to hide the internal Branch Office A mailboxes from the GAL (to avoid duplication).

Might also be simpler just to remove the internal Exchange mailboxes associated with Branch Office A users.




I understand that. they have windows account because they need to remote to hq.

if i disable branch office A mailboxes can i enable it back later? just in case.

Rene van Maasakkers - more2know

You can set the target mail attribute so all mail will be forwarded.

So the mailbox will still there and all mail will direct forwarded to the external mailaddress.

Active Directory Attribute :targetAddress


Kind Regards Rene van Maasakkers

Allen Song


Of course, you can enable it without any issue.


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