I I break Schema During Exchange Server 2010 Prepare AD, Can I just...

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Just a question regarding restoring DC from backups if Schema Breaks when preparing and executing commands to prepare Schema for exchange server 2010. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Can I just restore the regestry from mylatest DC backups? What are the procedures?


AndyD_ [MVP]

If something were to go wrong,a forest recovery would be required. Exchange schema updates have been throughly tested however and applied to many an org.

However, apply in a lab first if concerned.


Thanks AndyD for you quick response. I have already tested several times in the lab. I guess I am just being carefull.

Thanks Again


Brian Day MCITP

Do it the recommended way.
Disable outbound replication on your schema master (I think it is repadmin /options +DISABLE_OUTBOUND_REPL) Extend the Schema and check that eveything is happy after. If it is happy: Enable outbound replication and continue. (I think it is repadmin /options -DISABLE_OUTBOUND_REPL) If it isn't happy: Power of the schema master, format it, do a metadata cleanup in AD, seize the Schema Master Role to another DC, reinstall the box you just flattened.
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AndyD_ [MVP]

If I was applying some 3rd party schema updates I may do that. Otherwise, it's probably not something the average installation needs to be concerned about.

Brian Day MCITP

Agreed. I've never had a MS schema update "go wrong", but wanted to give him the option. :)
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