Exchange 2010 - OWA issue - "Outlook Web App didn't initialize."

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Vincenzo Sciarra

Hi all,

after installation of Exchange 2010 (CAS Role only) I'm unable to get logon form of OWA. I get the following error :
Outlook Web App didn't initialize. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk. Invalid theme info file in folder '1'. Line 0 Position 0. XML parser error. Root element is missing.

Exception type: Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.OwaThemeManagerInitializationException
Exception message: Invalid theme info file in folder '1'. Line 0 Position 0. XML parser error. Root element is missing.
Call stack

Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.Theme.ThrowParserException(XmlTextReader reader, String folderName, String description, EventTuple tuple, Object[] eventMessageArgs)

Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.Theme.ParseThemeInfoFile(String themeInfoFilePath, String folderName, String& displayName, IDs& localizedDisplayName)

Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.Theme.Load(String folderPath)

Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.Theme..ctor(String folderPath)


Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.Global.ExecuteApplicationStart(Object sender, EventArgs e)

I re-installed the machine, same problem. I also installed the Rollup 4 but nothing changed.

I suppose that could be a permission issue, IIS process cannot access the theme folder.

Any ideas?


Vincenzo Sciarra

Shafaquat Ali


I think you should
Change your Exchange Server 2010 media because this error may occur due the media failure replace the theme and subdirectories from machine from the same files located in the exchange media (default path is Setup\ServerRoles\ClientAccess\owa\version\)

I hope this will help you.


Shafaquat Ali.

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Vincenzo Sciarra

Hi Ali,

That solution is not valid for me because I re-installed the machine (downloading another time the Exchange 2010 bits) and the problem persists.

Thank you for your reply

--- Vincenzo Sciarra

Jonas Andersson [MCITP]

And you have installed the prereqs?

And installed the machine from scratch and not from a image or clone etc?

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Xiu Zhang


Please try to replace the themes folder and the default subfolders with the files and folders that are located on the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 DVD. By default, those files and folders are located in the \Setup\ServerRoles\ClientAccess\owa\version\ folder of the Exchange 2010 DVD.

Note: Please pay attention to 1 folder under theme, this file may has corrupted.


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