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We're in the process of setting up a four-node Exchange 2010 DAG and will need public folder support. However, we plan to set up a fifth server dedicated solely to the public folder server role.

When setting up the four mailbox servers, the wizard asks if you use Outlook 2003 or Entourage as clients (to which the answer is YES). However, do we need to answer YES to this on these four mailbox servers if we are setting up a fifth server as a dedicated public folder server.

Ideally, we do NOT want to have five public folder databases - just one will do as it is on resillient storage.

If this answer is yes - and we end up with five public folder databases, will ALL of them contain a copy of the entire folder structure (clearly not all will have the content unless we replicate this explicitly)? We have approximately 40,000 public folders.....

Thanks for any clarification on this.



I would say start with the fifth server LOL and then it will become the first, answering yes will create the required PF trees in the 2010 administrative group, one of my weaknesses is PF so I am not sure if you answered no and added the PF tree, how to create the non_ipm_tree, which holds the system folders.

I had a similar project, started with the PF one and then added other mailboxes and that is it, other mailboxes can have the PF databases removed from them

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Agree with busbar, answer yes and start with the server that will be the PF server. BTW, PF databases are not going to get created automatically on all MB servers, just the first on (by answering yes). You would then add a PF database manually to an other server you want.
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