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We have developed a transport agent on the Exchange 2010 Platform and noticed that it runs for every single message that goes through the pipline. Our organization has thousands of e-mail comming through every minute and this would make a hugh performance hit on our server. Is it possible to limit a transport agent to run only on a single mail box / account?

AndyD_ [MVP]

Do you have Exchange aware A/V on the transport hub? That uses an agent that checks every message as well. :)

Transport rules, or really any content filter is doing the same thing. Why do you think it would make a huge performance hit?

As long as the agent is correctly written, it shouldnt overly affect the transport, assuming you have sized the hub transports correctly and have the minimum number recommened in the Exchange 2010 architecture documents.

There are perfmon Agent Processing counters you can monitor to ensure you are getting the performance you need:

Transport Server Counters
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