Exchange 2010 gibberish emails & Resource Mailbox Free/Busy sync problems with Outlook 2003

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Ploni Almony


I've two different problems with my Exchange 2010 environment (Rollup update 4, Windows Server 2008 R2)

1) I've many resource mailboxes on my server (some were migrated from Exchange and converted, and the other were created on Exchange 2010), most of users are using Office 2003 SP3 (so they are using Public Folder free/busy and not availability service), and for some reason, Free/Busy data information for resource mailboxes takes approximately 15 minutes to get updates - is this issues is by design? Or is it possible to change this setting?

a. I've already tried to create new Outlook profile and run the Outlook with the /CleanFreeBusy parameter

b. I've changed the setting in outlook for the interval of updating; the problem is that is working only when outlook is kept open.

2) I'm using an application that send me HTML email message with a daily report, since I've configured it with my new Exchange 2010 server, the emails comes in gibberish (in the wrong charset), but when i changed it back to send using Exchange 2003, it sent correctly.
I know there is an option for changing the charset for incoming message from external recipients; I'm looking for a way to change it always when it comes from a specific user internally.

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Mark E. Smith [MCM]

If your clients are OL2003 then they will only query F/B information from the Sch+F/B Public Folder. For resource mailboxes the system attendent will be responsible for publishing F/B to the Pub Folder. This can take even longer depending on your Public Folder hierarchy, Sch+ F/B replicas, and replication delays. So, this is a limitation of the client that you're using. If users move to OL2007+ or OWA then they will use the AS and have up to date F/B information.

Re: 2
You'll probably have to configure a specific receive connector and specify the source IP. Then change that receive connector to the proper char/mime settings.
Mark E. Smith
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Ploni Almony

Hi Mark,

First, thank you for the reply.

1) My clients use OL2003, so they are querying the F/B from the Sch+ F/B Public Folder, and I'm able to see the content by using EXFolders as well. if the system attendant service will be responsible for resource mailboxes publishing to F/B Public Folder, why should it take longer? even if I'm within the same administrative group? is there a way in which i can reduce the publishing intervals?

2) I've already tried that, unfortunately, I'm not familiar with a setting of changing the char/mime settings on a receive connector, but only in the remote domain section which i believe not very helpful for my case.

Mark E. Smith [MCM]

Here is an overview of how F/B information is generated:
Specifically you're interested in the non-Outlook client section (for resource mailboxes):

In that case since we do not have an outlook client running it does become the responsibility of the server to publish the clients Free Busy information. The process that is responsible for this is called MadFB or MSExchangeFBPublish. This process runs under the system attendant mailbox and updates Free Busy every 5 minutes for OWA, OMA, and Entourage clients.

The process is actually very similar to the Outlook publishing process it just changes who actually updates the message.

1. OWA client makes a change to their calendar
2. When the change is committed a Free/Busy message is submitted to the System Attendant mailbox on the mailbox server for the user.
3. The MadFB process polls this mailbox and picks up that there has been a change.
4. MadFB then publishes the users full Free/Busy message to the Free/Busy folder overwriting the existing message.

So the basic process here is exactly the same as with outlook just who is publishing the message to the folder is slightly different.

How many Sch+ F/B Public Folder Replicas do you have in the org? Since it's taking 15 mins to be seen, MadFB might be publishing to one PF replica and it might be taking 15 mins (which is the default PF DB Replication Period). So you may want to try to increase the replication period (Set-PublicFolderDatabase {ID} -ReplicationPeriod 1) but this have an adverse impact if you have a large PF hierarchy with lots of replicas.

RE 2: Take a look at the Set-ReceiveConnector cmdlet. Specifically the -EightBitMimeEnabled, -BinaryMimeEnabled, and other MIME settings that might help with this issue.

Mark E. Smith
Practice Manager, Unified Communications
Capax Global Consulting
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