Server 2003 /Outlook 2010 address book not updating

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i have one user that her address book is not updating. I deleted a user from the server yesterday. He still shows up in one users outlook. I cked and he is gone from AD and i have outlook running on a different server and he does not show there.

How do i get the single user to update now that the download address book button has been taken in outlook?



Gulab Mallah


Update the OAB and replicate the domain controllers and that should fix the issue.


AndyD_ [MVP]

To update it on the server, open ESM ( this is Exch 2003 yes?)

In ESM/ Recipients/Offline Address Lists/Right click your OAB and select Rebuild

If it has already been rebuilt and successful, from within Outlook 2010, go to the Send And Receive tab/ Send and Receive Groups/Download Address Book

If you still see the old entry, close Outlook, delete the *.oab files under the users App directories on their workstation ( It differs by O/S, so just search for *oab and ensure you are searching the entire disk and hidden files etc..)

Re-open Outlook and either do a manual download again or wait a bit for the auto download.

Allen Song


If this issue only occurs on one user side, you need to check the msExchUseOAB attribute of the user. If all the users have the issue, you need to rebuild the OAB, and check whether any error message come up in the Event Log.


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