Which version of Outlook and Outlook Express no longer work with Exchange 2010 using SSL encryption

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I have several hundred clients using various Outlook and Outlook Express versions around the world connecting to my email server. These clientss are all setup to use SSL encryption to connect to my server. I am in the process of migrating off of my old Communigate Pro email server and moving to Exchange 2010 and it is my understanding that some of my older Outlook and Outlook Express clients may not connect to Exchange 2010 when using Outlook's SSL settings. SSL settings are very important because we want to make sure none of our email clients are sending in clear text.

I'm looking for some articles that discuss which Outlook / Outlook Express clients do and do not work with Exchange 2010 SSL. I need to advise my email users on what version of Outlook / Outlook Express they need to obtain. All of the clients use IMAP and POP3. I'm guessing several users are using Outlook 2003, 2002, and few still may have Outlook 2000. Several may still be using Outlook Express 5.0 & 6.0.

Thanks for any help you can give!


Gen Lin

Hi Terry,

I have tested the following Outlook products on my lab and they works fine with Exchange 2010 POP/IMAP SSL connection:

Outlook 2003

Outlook 2002

Outlook 2007

Outlook Express 6.0

As for Outlook 5.0, I have not tested it. Because I do not have a PC has Windows 98 or 2000 installed on.

I think if the Outlook 5.0 support SSL connection, it will also work for Exchange 2010 SSL.

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