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I have a customer who shares his personal outlook calender to his couple employees. All employees use Outlook 2003 connected to an Exchange 2003 server. However, one of the employees uses Outlook 2010. In Outlook 2010 a reoccurring calender appointment is not displayed. The reoccurring appointment is displayed fine in Outlook 2003 clients. I have no idea what could possible cause this behavior. I'm not sure if there are more missing entries, there are quite a lot appointments and I think most of them are displayed fine in Outlook 2010.

For testing purposes I created new outlook profiles for a user account in both Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2010 clients.

Any help would be appreciated!


Mark Morowczynski

You generally want everyone to use the same version of the client if possible. Is this appointment visible in OWA? Mark Morowczynski|MCT| MCSE 2003:Messaging, Security|MCITP:EMA 2K7,EDA Win 7,ES,SA,EA|MCTS:Windows Mobile Admin|Security+|


You can't force external customers or business partners to up- or downgrade just because you use a different Outlook version. Furthermore, it is not possible to open a shared calender in OWA 2003. I can however, login to OWA with the owner of the shared calendar and all appointments are displayed as intended.

I recommended the customer to upgrade to 2010. He then bought 50 licenses and is now in rage about the incompatibility.
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