Separate user accounts (Windows 7) but all sharing each others emails.

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Confused in NC

I have 4 user accounts (Windows 7). Each has their own email address, but emails are not being separated. We all get each others email. Using Outlook 2010. How do I get each person's email to go to just their user account?

Guruprasad Ra

Ensure the same email accounts have configured in all the user profiles.

If yes, remove it and configure the email accounts with respective to the user only.

Check this Microsoft Article to know how to configure the Email accounts in Outlook.

Brian Tillman

To me this indicates that all of the mail addresses, while appearing to be different, are actuall just aliases of each other and there is only a single mailbox into which messages addressed to any other addresses are delivered. This means thet they aren't really separate mail addresses. This is an issue for your mail service provider to address and is not an Outlook problem. Guruprasad may be correct, but I think my explanation is more likely. You can verify it by sending (or having someone send) a message to each of the addresses, then using a web broswer to log into the mailbox on your service provider's web site before opening Outlook. If you see the messages in the mailbox, then I'm correct and you'll have to arrange for separate mailboxes with your mail provider.

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