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Outlook 2010 Conditional Formatting

Discussion in 'Outlook Wishlist' started by danw, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. danw


    I have always used the organizer in outlook to separate emails by color from certain users. This is now found in conditional formatting in Outlook 2010. I have set up my colors for users but the problem is they keep getting deleted. It happened 3 times in the first week and they stuck for about 6-8 weeks before happening 2 more times this week. When I go back in to conditional formatting the rules are gone and have to be recreated. I am using outlook 2010 in cached mode. Any suggestions?
  2. danw


    also server is running exchange 2010
  3. Forum Admin

    Forum Admin

    Senior Member
    After creating the Conditional Formatting rules, copy the view. This way you won;t lose formatting if the view gets reset - just change views.

    Now... as to why your view is getting reset, it's probably because you customized "Current View" instead of a named view. The current view is what we call "one-offed" and works in the current folder only. These views are more esily reset than customizing a view by name or creating a custom view.
  4. danw



    Thanks, I just set that up and will see how it works. At least now if it resets the view I would guess my saved view should still show up to select. Also is this a local rule or will it be saved with exchange?
  5. Forum Admin

    Forum Admin

    Senior Member
    it's saved in the data file, so in your case, its stored in your mailbox and is accessible anywhere you open the mailbox.

    If you are using 2 outlooks to access your mailbox, it could be responsible for losing the customizations - one outlook creates the view and before it can sync it to the server, the other outlook replaces it because it thinks it has the newer view. The copied view will avoid this.

    Your copied view will be listed in the Change view menu:
  6. danw



  7. YogiK


    Hi, can you point to the location of this data file? is this data file not valid for use in Outlook 2007?
  8. Diane Poremsky

    Diane Poremsky

    Senior Member
    It's a hidden file in the mailbox. Yes, its valid for Outlook 2007 - something is either causing corruption or causing the view to be reset.

    You could try opening outlook with the cleanviews switch to wipe out all views then rebuild them - this would address any corruption in the views that could be causing problems. But you will lose all custom views.
  9. Amir Shoval

    Amir Shoval

    New Member
    I'm using MAPI to access my Google apps account. And I have two machines (PC and laptop). I assume the named view solution won't help me here, as there's no server both machines can access to get the saved view from. Any other way I can copy the view from one machine to the other?
  10. hagyman85


    Have exactly the same problem. Don't really want to start new topic. I can't finish my job writing a college thesis because of this problem. Nothing posted here helps. More tips,. people?

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