Import Address Book from Palm Treo to Outlook 2003 without losing data & custom fields

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In an effort to move from my Palm Treo 755p to an iPhone, I need to put all my contacts into Outlook. Have tried your instruction templates and used the suggested .csv format, but keep losing critical fields and data and phone numbers that don't move over. I currently have installed on my computer Outlook 2003 and haven't used it since purchased. I have 1600 contacts to move over. Also, is there an app for OUTLOOK on the iPhone4? Any suggestions? Thanks

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Your question(s) is/are a tad confusing to say the least (i.e. "have tried <your> instruction templates......." - who is <your>?" What exactly does "losing critical fields, data etc" refer to?

If by losing data you are referring to not getting the required info from the Treo - question would need to be posed to Palm since the export function is part of the Palm Desktop software - not something related to Outlook. Doing a quick search on the term "export contacts from Treo 755p" to move info to another location indicates that this is an activity that seems to leave a lot to be desired on a first quick glance. The folks at CompanionLink ( may have something that addresses all of your requirements.

If by "critical fields" you are referring to "custom fields", it is not possible to import/export any user-defined (custom) fields via Outlook's import/export wizard. You will have to write your own code or use a 3rd party program for that purpose (ContactGenie QuickPort - may be of interest for that requirement)

In terms of an iPhone4 app - assuming you are referring to syncing the info from Outlook your iPhone - that normally is done via iTunes from Apple:

iPhone and iPod touch: How to transfer or sync content to your computer
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