issue on importing outlook calendar / merging multiple psts from 3 years old does not show old calendar data

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much of it is in the subject. i use outlook for years and i learned today that in outlook 2007 i can reach 20gb size of pst. so i merge my 2006 2007 2008 2009.....pst in the current one, and surprise, all the data that was in the calendars from 2006 wasn't imported.

i can say that until yesterday, 5 different pst were shown in the navigation pane. 5 different calendars were shown in the navigation pane. today one pst and one calendar appear there. this is normal

since i merge all files, all the data recorded in the calendars disappeared. i use to record my location on a daily basis since i travel, is this lost?

how can get it back?

help very much appreciated thank you very much. outlook is a great program

Brian Tillman

I wouldn't have used Import. I would have opened each of the PSTs in turn with File>OPen>Outlook Data File, opened the Calendar folder in each PST, and copied the data in that calendar to my default Calendar folder, afterward, closing the opened PST by right-clicking its root and choosing Close.


Brian, thank you for the advice. i try but it seems that i just add aditional calendars. solution seem fine, although i would have assumed that the import would do the job automatically. i don't seem to be able to do it with your solution:

i open the older pst file, then i right click on the calendar called "travel", then in the dialog box that comes up, i select the "travel" calendar which is root and i go ok. what i have is a new "travel" calendar created in the root. what am i doing wrong. i cannot copy and paste, since we talk about many entries and since the paste would leave the entry under my mouse and not on the proper date. could you detail you solution ?

thank you

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

Try importing just the calendar from each file and check if it is added to the main calendar.

If the issue persists then there might be some corruption in the main file. Use the Inbox Repair Tool to repair the file and then try to import the calendar alone.


thanks both.

in fact the solution was in the view menu. in a regular "calendar" view, you cannot copy and paste from a pst to another, because you cannot select multiple entries. you have to go in "list view" to display the calendar entries to be able to select all of them, then paste..............

thank you for the leads
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