Outlook rules do not work on my MSN account

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I have my MSN account connected to Outlook using Outlook Connector. However, rules that I have created for the MSN Inbox do not work when the emails arrive. Once they are in my inbox, I can successfully run the rules manually on my MSN inbox.

Anyone with a solution to this problem?



Ruchi Bisht

Rules for Outlook connector account work only if the Hotmail mail box is default in outlook. A Hotmail cannot be set as default mailbox from with the outlook application.

Try the below mentioned steps to set it as default:

1. Close Outlook.

2. Click Start->Control panel->Mail or View 32 bit control panel.

3. Click show profile.

4. Click on Add and type the name of profile ->click ok.

5. Select the option “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”.

6. Click Next.

7. Select other and select Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector.

8. Click next.

9. Set up the mail account and click ok.

10. Click on the drop down arrow for “Always sue this profile" and select the new profile name and click ok.

11. Open Outlook, recreate the rule and check if it works.

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