How to move the hotmail ost file to another PC so it won't download the whole ost again?



I know the hotmail offline file is at folder C:\Users\Username \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook, my hotmail.ost is 5GB big. I copied the whole folder from desktop PC to the same location of my laptop (and am using the same hotmail ID), however, when I start the Outlook on laptop, it creates a hotmail0.ost file then starts downloading the whole ost file from Hotmail server.


Re: How to move the hotmail ost file to another PC so Outlook won't download the whole ost file again?

Whenever you add a hotmail account in outlook it automatically creates an ost file. This ost is needed to link outlook and the webserver.

You cannot transfer the ost file to a different computer and sync it with the hotmail account created. The ost willl work only with the account with which it was created.

If you need to backup the ost file, you can export the file as a pst and move it to a different machine.

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