auto mapping shared mailbox?

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thomas torggler


i was reading recently. There is a very interesting part saying the following:

"On the client side features like auto mapping of shared mailboxes to user"s Outlook 2010 profiles will remove a support headache."

does anyone know anything about this feature? will we see this in SP1 for Office or is it actually an exchange 2010 sp1 feature?


Steve Goodman

Hi Thomas,

I might be a good one to answer this ;-)

Outlook 2010 *already* supports this, you can use it *now*. However for it to work you need to Add the mailbox permissions on SP1 to an SP1 shared mailbox. You can of course, remove the permission and add it back again.

The way this works is via a new attriute, msExchDelegateListLink on the Shared Mailbox (or any mailbox for that matter) which contains a list of mailboxes that should auto-map that particular mailbox. This is updated when you add/remove permissions.


Steve Goodman
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thomas torggler

Steve u are exactly the right to answer this ;)

thank you, great post!