Rules efficiency question: lots of rules w/one criterea, or one rule with lots of ORs?

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maichy yumyum

I need to send emails from about 20 senders into one folder, and another 20 or so into another folder. I've often wondered which is more efficient - create a separate rule for each sender, or two massive rules with 20 ORs in each rule.

My guess is that two rules, even with lots of ORs, is more efficient. But I've never been sure.

Unfortunately, it is easier to create individual rules for each sender: Rt-Click a message from that user, select Create Rule, and .. wala! the wizard appears w/appropriate choices for that message. But adding a sender to an existing rule requires Tools > Rules and Alerts > (scroll through the rule list and select the correct rule) > Change Rule > Edit Rule Settings > checkbox: from people or distribution list .. then select the sender from the ensuing dialog.

sheesh! it is a *lot* simpler to create individual rules for each sender, so I'd prefer to stick to that method. But I suspect it is more efficient to group all the senders into one rule.

Thanks! - m.y.y.

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