MWI Troubleshooting in Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging

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We are in the process of testing the Unified Messaging capability of Exchange 2010 and hope to implement it soon. We have found that for certain users the MWI works and some users it does not. I am able to turn up diagnostic logging on the Exchange server and can see the MWI being set when it works and I see no MWI related events at all when calling users where the light does not come on. Because we can see that Exchange is able to send a MWI successfullly to the PBX in some instances, we know that this is not an issue with the PBX. If it were, we would likely see MWI failure messages in the event log. It seems as if Exchange is not attempting to set the MWI at all. Or at least there is no record of it trying for certain users. Do you have suggestions? Or at the very least, can you tell me which other logs, besides the ones marked as UM, would be useful to turn up the logging level?

Thanks. Any help is appreciated.


MWI notification workflow: MBX->UM->IP GW

To trigger the light, SIP NOTIFY message is required to be generated

In order generate a SIP NOTIFY message, the Mailbox Assistant of the MBX server need to query AD to register for appropriate notification at first. After the Mailbox Assistant receives mailbox notification, it maintains in memory state and determines if the MWI state of the users has changed.

If the MWI state of the user has changed, MBX server will proxies the information/request to the UM server within the site. The UM server encapsulates MWI state change information in a SIP NOTIFY message and forwards it to an appropriate gateway

So, please capture the network traces from UM server to IP GW, and check if the SIP NOTIFY is sent properly, you can use WireShark, or Network Monitor

James Luo



Hello, thank you for the reply. I did do a packet capture and did not see any SIP Notify messages in the trace. I also didn't see any SIP Notify messages when the light worked for some users. There is a chance that the SIP Notify messages could be coming from our mail server in another office. However, that wouldn't make any sense since the mailboxes I have been testing on are hosted on the mail server here in this office. Regardless, we have found that when a MWI is attempted to be set, an event shows up in the event log. We are assuming that if SIP Notify messages were being sent, there would be a MWI event in the event log. Since in cases where the MWI does not blink, there are no MWI events in the event log, we are assuming that no SIP Notifies are being sent. We know that our IP-PBX is capable of responding to SIP Notifies.

We've decided to make a call to Microsoft professional support on this. I will update this forum post if we reach a solution with them.


After a few weeks of back and forth with Microsoft PSS on this, we have arrived at a solution. For the user in question, the tech had us do the following:
Make sure there are no more than 10 search folders in Outlook. Numerous search folders apparently can contribute to this issue. (If Applicable) Switch Outlook to Online Mode (as opposed to Cached Mode) Delete the Voicemail search folder in Outlook Log into Outlook Voice Access which will recreate the Voicemail Search Folder

At this point the MWI starting working for us on the extension that previously it was not working for. After this, you can switch back to cached mode if needed. Online mode was only neccessary to delete the voicemail search folder.
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