Suddenly can't open emails in mu Outlook 2003 IMAP account without.

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Margot F

Just began having problem opening emails in my Outlook 2003 IMAP account. " error in IMAP command UID FETCH: Unknown parameter RFC822.PEEK" . Have to mark each message for downlaod before individually and wait for the download to be able to open. Any ideas?

Guruprasad Ra

Remove and re-add the email account and check if this helps to resolve the issue.

If issue persists, follow these steps.

Open Outlook > Tools > Send/Receive >Send /receive settings > Define Send/receive groups > Highlight the problem account > Click on Edit > Check the option "Download complete item including attachments" and verify the results.


I have the same difficulty. I am running XP Pro and use Outlook 2003. I just set up a new profile and therefore set up my mail accounts anew.

Outlook inconsistently downloads the entire message - only the headers. I have done the following dozens of times:

On the Tools menu, point to Send/Receive , point toSend/Receive Settings , and then click Define Send/Receive Groups .Click a group that contains your IMAP account, and then click Edit .Under Accounts , click your IMAP account. In the list, select the check box for each folder you want to include when checking e-mail, and then selectDownload complete item including attachments .

When I select the Download complete item including attachments radio button for the folders I want to have affected by the selection and then close that window, Outlook does not remember the selection. I have attempted every possible way of having the selection " remembered" but Outlook will not.

Do you have any suggestions?
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