Cannot email an open Excel or Word document using Outlook 2003

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when I finish an Excel spreadsheet or Word document I select file send and get the error message: General Mail Failure. Quite Microsoft office Excel, restart the mail system and try again."

I have done so on several occasions to no avail. I have even run Microsoft's Detect and repair feature in the Help section of the top toll bar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ganesh Kumar N

Do you face the same issue while sending emails from office applications or other windows applications?

Try to send an email from internet explorer and check how it works. You can also try sending a file from windows explorer and check if it hleps. Right click on a file and choose Send To - Mail recipient.

If you still face the same issue, try to create a new profile in outlook and check how it works.

Refer the link on how to create a new profile:-

Ganesh Kumar N
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